Protesters shutdown Interstate 170


Protests are ongoing at the Mobil at Berkeley, Missouri where a young black man was shot by a white officer on Tuesday.

Protesters initially shutdown Interstate 170 before being moved by police officers down the highway as long lines of cars remained backed up.

The demonstrators chanted several slogans as they shutdown the Interstate, as they walked to gas station, and while at the gas station. “Hands up, don’t shoot!”, “You can’t stop the revolution,” and “FTP, F*** the police!” were just a few slogans chanted by the protesters.

Some protesters said they were maced by officers while on Interstate 170 but so far the protests have remained peaceful.

Residents in Ferguson, Missouri and other cities across the U.S. have been protesting following the killings of several African Americans by white Police Officers.

As protesters expressed their anger and frustration to officers outside of the Mobil gas station, Bassem Masri, a known activist and livestreamer of the protests said, “We don’t negotiate with terrorists,” referring the police.


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