Ukrainian MFA Criticizes Russia for backing “terrorists”


Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement on Tuesday demanding Russia to stop backing “terrorists” in the eastern part of the country.

The statement comes amid fighting between Ukrainian soldiers and pro-Russian gunmen at Donetsk airport that has left over 50 dead in the past two days.

On May 27, at around 04:00, a convoy of several trucks and passenger cars containing armed personnel attempted to enter into Ukraine from Russia, the statement says.

Apparently, Ukraine knew of the the move in advance and warned Moscow to stop the convoy from crossing the Ukrainian-Russian border.

But, Russia ignored the warning and allowed the vehicles to pass anyways.

“Despite warnings passed on by Ukraine through diplomatic channels regarding concentration of up to 40 trucks with armed people on the border with Ukraine, Russia did not assume any measures to prevent their breakthroughs into the territory of Ukraine,” the statement reads.

Kiev claims that the invasion of “terrorists” into Ukraine “is being organized and financed under [the] Kremlin and Russian intelligence agencies’ control.”

These claims have been repeated numerous times in the past by the West and Ukraine, and Russia has repeatedly denied them.

In recent weeks, Russian President Vladimir Putin has stressed his desire for peace and stability in Ukraine and Russia’s willingness to cooperate with the new Ukrainian government to make his desires a reality.

Kiev also accused Moscow of “exporting Russian terrorism” into Ukraine and the separatist of being mercenaries hired by the Kremlin.

“At present our law enforcement officers in Eastern regions of Ukraine stand against skill armed Russian mercenaries, who are ready to plunder, intimidate, torture and murder Ukrainian citizens,” the Ministry of Foreign affairs said.

The ministry also said that Russia’s claims that the conflict in eastern Ukraine is the fault of the Ukrainian government are “false and cynical propaganda.”

“We call upon the international community to take urgent and drastic measures to stop Russian aggression against Ukraine and global order… Concentrated efforts are needed to make [the] Kremlin stop terrorists and weapons supply into the territory of our state, [and] withdraw Russian subversives from Ukraine in order to renew peace and stability in our country and the region,” the statement concluded. 


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